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V.C Bird International Airport prides itself on the number and variety of passenger services it provides. Are you travelling to our shores? To learn more about immigration and customs procedures, as well as our facilities click here.
V.C Bird International offers a wide and interesting range of local and international brands of food & beverage services and an appealing variety of retail shopping conveniences for travellers and other Airport users.
V.C Bird International Airport is being transformed into a spacious and modern facility with services and facilities to meet the needs and expectations of today’s travellers, as well as our Airport partners and other users. Learn More

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The Antigua and Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA) will be conducting a Simulation Exercise TODAY, 2 July 2015 from 2:00 pm. The Simulation Exercise will entail the processing of passengers from the curb front to the departing aircraft and from the arriving aircraft to the Customs exit. The following processes will be tested:

  • Arrival:
    Check-in counters; Vertical movers (elevators, escalators, stairs); Security checkpoints; Emigration; Pre-Board Security; Departure Gates and Passenger Walkway (Fixed Connector)
  • Departure:
    Passenger Walkway (Fixed Connector); Sky-Bridge; Transit Screening; Vertical Movers; Immigration; Customs; Baggage Carousel
  • Major supporting facilities:
    The Baggage make up System; and The Public Address System.

The participants in this exercise include the following:
Airlines; Ground Handlers; Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA); The Ministry of Civil Aviation; Immigration and Customs.

The Simulation Exercise will allow ABAA and other stakeholders to identify shortcomings in the new building with the aim of correcting them before the V.C. Bird International Airport (VCBIA) is officially opened for the processing of passengers.

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